Dr. A. Toosi

[Ph.D. Corporate Law – SBU , Bilingual Lawyer – University Professor]

Dr. Abbas Toosi is an attorney at law and University professor at faculty of law , ATU. He received his Ph.D in law from national University of Iran’s law faculty with a focus on economic analysis of corporate law. Among the most important works Written by Dr. Toosi , we can mention “Economic Analysis of Corporate Rights” and “Structure of Stock Exchange Companies”.

Apart from academic career , he served as senior consultant to reputable governmental and private organizations and authorities and he has left a brilliant record in his work and profession. He was legal expert in Iranian Cabinet Office , Consultant of Presidential institution , legal advisor of Pars Wagon company in foreign contracts , legal advisor of many credit institutes. Also , he served as legal consultant in many oil and gas companies such as Petro Iran developments. Dr. Abbas Toosi is in charge of managing department of International trade , corporates and energy law at Payadaad international law firm.